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An overview of our group tours

Group hiking trips

If you would like to meet new people, enjoy nature every day and want to engage in conversation with your fellow hikers in the evening at dinner, you can do so on our group tours. Whether you come as a single or a couple, you will always get to know like-minded people with whom you can enjoy a poncha or a glass of wine at the end of the day.
Our partner takes care of the booking of the hotel and the flight from Germany and we from AlbanoAktiv take care of you here in Madeira. So you can fully enjoy your hiking week in a group.
Our hiking groups are very individual and our trained and experienced hiking guides Cristela and Albano provide you with knowledge about the country and its people, flora and fauna.

Our 3 group tours take you through natural landscapes with waterfalls, breathtaking viewpoints and rocky landscapes, green valleys and impressive mountains. You will learn more about the epee fishermen in Camara de Lobos, the history of the whalers and sugar barons and mingle with the locals at the Sunday market.

Madeira Pure

"Madeira Pure" is the motto of this trip. The medium-sized tours with walking times of around four hours lead along the levadas and along spectacular coastal sections. We experience the exuberant life of the locals in quaint fishermen's pubs with freshly caught fish and sparkling Vinho Verde.

The finest hiking trip

During our hiking holiday on Madeira's east side, our local guides will take you to steep rocky coasts, magnificent peaks, charming bays and lush green vegetation. This is how you get to know Madeira's nature and the diversity of the endemic flora. We try the culinary highlights in typical pubs and taste the specialties of the island.

Trekking trip through the green paradise

If you want to experience the original Madeira, our Madeira trekking tour is the right place for you. In six daily stages you hike from place to place through the characteristic regions of the island of Madeira. This Madeira trekking tour leads from the Eastern Cape tip of Madeira over the old path of the winegrowers to the north side of Madeira. We hike through the green cauldron to the highest peak. From here we cross Madeira on the high trail through the central massif into the deepest valley of Madeira to the south coast of the flower island.

We hike with you every day. Contact us with your questions about hikes and desired dates:

Walking isnt´t fast enough for you?

No problem at all: We also offer day bike tours.