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Flower Festival and Madeira Wine Festival from September 3rd to 27th

Flower power in the streets of Funchal. All types of flowers on Maderia are presented here in different ways. Every year in May, the Madeira Funchal decorate with an incredible number of flowers and blossoms. On the moving wagons, which are richly decorated with flowers, people present their elaborate, imaginative costumes. Traditional music and dance groups accompany the processions. On the eve of the flower festival, the school children meet on the town hall square to build the "Wall of Hope" (Mura da Esperaca). Carefully decorated flower carpets adorn the streets of Funchal.

Wall of hope

5th September

On Saturday morning, the schoolchildren meet in the town hall square (Praca do Município) to build a beautiful wall of flowers, which is symbolically called the "Wall of Hope" (Muro da Esperança).

The big flower parade

6th September

On Sunday afternoon the parade with the splendidly decorated wagons runs through the city center of Funchal. This allegorical flower parade, which has been taking place since 1979, is one of the most striking events. It is eagerly awaited by visitors and residents. Experience the beauty and splendor of the decorated carriages and the costumes of the countless participants, which are decorated with many different and beautiful types of flowers, on a grandstand seat up close.
You can reserve a grandstand seat with us for the move. So you have the best view of the move and can enjoy the flowers at first hand. Reservation by mail, Whats app or phone.

“Madeira Flower Collection”

12th and 13th September

The Madeira Flower Collection is created by Madeira designers. In the afternoon there is a fashion show that is presented to the public. Inspired by the unique beauty of the flowers, they create beautiful pieces with a touch of glamor. These creations can be viewed until the end of the flower festival.

Flower magic - flower children

Everywhere in the city in the streets of Funchal, people lovingly decorate their flowers to carpets of flowers. Some are real works of art.

“Live” wine harvest in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos

12th September

The wine harvest takes place in the picturesque village of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos. This pays homage to the region's wine tradition.
The wine harvest is performed live, followed by an ethnographic move with the participation of several folkloric groups.
Take part in this tradition. They can still use traditional grapes. Entry is free for those who wish to participate in this activity.

"Madeira Wine & Film Harvest"

17th bis 20th September

At the end of the afternoon, from 7 p.m., you can relax in a quiet atmosphere in the beautiful gardens of the Quinta Magnólia and enjoy a wine tasting in Madeira while watching films on the subject.

Flower concert

24th bis 27th September

Four symbolic gardens of Madeira become the stage for musical concerts. The concerts take place in this unique environment, in which the spectators - tourists and locals alike - can experience first-class moments of music in an incomparably beautiful setting, surrounded by the diversity of the Madeiran flora.